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3 Seconds

seconds count

You may have noticed a recurring theme on our site: We Realize the Importance of Three Seconds. At North American Signs, we live in constant realization of how important three seconds can be. Three seconds might be all the time a customer has to look at your sign. Three precious seconds to decide what’s unique about your brand. To find something memorable; something meaningful. Perhaps even something personal that inspires a connection and creates a bond.

Those first few seconds are a crucial opportunity to communicate your brand’s individuality and identity. Well beyond just getting attention, your signage — if properly done — sets the stage for the entire relationship that follows. It is an introduction. That’s why creating impactful and inspiring signage is at the heart of what we do. We realize the importance of those first three seconds, and everything we do is designed to maximize their impact. As you spend a little time on our website, you will learn how our services and signage products are helping clients around the world achieve their branding needs.

In future posts we will address technical issues of signage, the role of color and typefaces in improving communication, explore emerging trends in signage, and share stories on important contribution signs have to the success of businesses throughout the world.

Thanks again for visiting us. Come back soon to learn more about how North American Signs is committed to the art of signage.