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Author Archives: Lucas Hochstetler

Marketing Functions of Signs

Signs serve multiple marketing functions that are easily overlooked by Business schools and retailers. Signs serve as communication, enhancing, and branding the site. This article is about the different marketing functions that on-premise signs serve for a business. Communicating the Location Signs tell people where a business is located. When placed on a highway, signs serve as […]

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The Two Most Effective Business Signs

The two most effective business signs are carefully tied into the overall business and look of a site as Signature Building signage and Sign Centric integrated site design. There are many forms of signage, but these two have proven to work the best over time. This article will detail the two types of signage. Signature Building […]

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Sign Lettering Psychology

Sign Lettering describes what kind of personality a business has, what the environment is like, and the quality of the product or service a business provides. A business must choose the correct letter lighting, colors,  and style for the company sign, otherwise the business is misrepresented by its sign and that can cause a decrease in sales and angry […]

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3 Benefits of Business Signs

When it comes to effective marketing, nobody teaches business owners about the 3 benefits of business signs. Signs play a key role in most businesses. The three benefits signs have on businesses are branding, increased sales, and information to consumers. BRANDING THE SITE Business signs are one of the most effective means of marketing your brand. Brand Identity consists […]

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