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How To Buy Signage – Introduction

The sign buyer makes a vital contribution in communicating an organization’s image, site location and advertising messages to potential customers. Accomplishing these objectives effectively has a dramatic effect on sales volume and profits. Understanding how to buy signage helps to make the buyer an informed buyer. The informed buyer knows how much additional sales he is getting from his effective signage program and is much happier with his/her sign supplier. We at North American Signs have been observing and studying factors that build effective sign programs for 80 years. Often we have learned valuable lessons from our customers and their sign related experiences. This blog is the first in a series where we will share some of that valuable information with you.

How to Buy Signage will benefit you in four ways:Channel Letters

  1. Highlight several potential ways a sign program can substantially increase store traffic, sales, and profits.
  2. Provide an evaluation chart so the time spent buying signs will yield the greatest benefits to the organization.
  3. Help you communicate the value of increasing the impact of your illuminated signage program to others within your organization.
  4. Help you avoid the potential cost of losing a sign variance hearing and help you build a system that wins 90% of your variances instead of the industry average of 60%.

North American Signs believes that understanding the intricate communicating functions of the sign program is essential for chains to have an effective, powerful sign program. We do not take the approach that a sign is simple to design or easy to fit into the corporate marketing structure, site selection or general advertising plans. We believe that on-premise signs are a complicated, but exciting opportunity to increase profitability. They are complicated because a good signage program must fit into the retail marketing strategy, compliment the individual site where it is located, and integrate with advertising programs. Then the program becomes simple to execute.

So over the next few months please visit our blog site often to learn about:

  • The Four Functions of Signs
  • Value of Signs
  • How Signs Have the Potential to Increase Your Profits
  • Overcoming Obstacles – Sign Codes and Variances
  • Your Personalized Plan for Maximizing Your Sign Program

Window VinylMuch of the material here was first published by Noel Yarger, Chairman of North American Signs, in “How to Buy an Electric Sign”, a Manual for Chain Buyers. We are updating and expanding this information for the series “How to Buy Signage” and are excited to share this information with you over the next few months.

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