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Untapped Potential: Why Aren’t Millennials Working in Manufacturing?

  As I’ve come to learn more about the manufacturing industry, it’s easy to notice its differences from the overall labor force in the United States. While millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, manufacturing companies are struggling to attract them to the field. This raises the question: Why aren’t more millennials pursuing careers […]

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The Future of Signage

The advancement of technology throughout the last few decades has pushed signs into a new era. In the past, signs were generally unlit, hand painted pieces of art that adorned the roadways and building fronts of the United States and beyond. These same areas are still covered in signage, yet there is a notable difference […]

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LED Lights for Signage

Light Emitting Diodes, otherwise known as LEDs, are bulbs that are about the size of a pea that fit easily into an electrical circuit. The use of LEDs in electrical signage has increased significantly over the past decade. They are more advanced, brighter, and eco-friendly lighting. This type of lighting has a number of advantages […]

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80 Years of Innovation

Innovation has been a priority for North American Signs for 80 years. The company cultivates a culture that is open to new ideas and is dedicated to being a leader in the signage industry. Since the company was started in 1934 by the late Maurice P. Yarger, we have taken a forward thinking approach when satisfying our clients’ signage needs. Our […]

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Innovation in Signage

Innovation is quickly rising to cult status.  While today it seems nearly ubiquitous, the demand for more seems insatiable.  All entrepreneurs work with it in one way or another.  As Phil Newbold points out in his book Wake Up and Smell the Innovation, innovations can come in several flavors: sustaining, transformational, and revolutionary.  Sign design and […]

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