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National Manufacturing Day

In 2014, the International Sign Association (ISA) started promoting National Manufacturing Day. The National Association of Manufactures concieved the event, and ISA saw the value in the event for the sign industry. The event has grown into an annual affair for North American Signs (NAS), occurring every October. It has been a great way to show […]

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Sign Research Foundation Updates

Announcements from the Sign Research Foundation that deserve your attention: NSREC 2017 The National Sign Research and Education Conference 2017 will be held in Las Vegas on April 19th. Session topics include the role of signs in cities, the future of cities and updates on current research. This is your chance to get the latest insights […]

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Marketing Functions of Signs

Signs serve multiple marketing functions that are easily overlooked by Business schools and retailers. Signs serve as communication, enhancing, and branding the site. This article is about the different marketing functions that on-premise signs serve for a business. Communicating the Location Signs tell people where a business is located. When placed on a highway, signs serve as […]

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Signs in Communities

Signs in communities around the United States have become an integral part to the well being of the overall economy. Communities are reliant on businesses located within them to support themselves and grow. By extension this means that these same communities around the United States are also reliant on the signs that help promote and […]

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Signage: Rights and Regulations

Federal laws, the Constitution of the United States, and Supreme Court rulings provide protections for on-premise signs. However, municipalities and states have the opportunity to regulate signage by passing legislation and codes that enhance their respective communities. Local governments often attempt to regulate signage in order to create a safer and more pleasing community. Sometimes […]

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