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Category Archives: Sign Design

Three Most Reported Signage Failures

The three most reported signage failures can reduce the effectiveness of your signage.  Avoiding these issues increases your marketing success. What are your guesses? Hard to read? Too dim? Actually, research on consumer perceptions identified the most reported reasons that signs fail to function properly.  Here are the top three – starting with number 3. 3. Not sufficiently lit […]

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The Two Most Effective Business Signs

The two most effective business signs are carefully tied into the overall business and look of a site as Signature Building signage and Sign Centric integrated site design. There are many forms of signage, but these two have proven to work the best over time. This article will detail the two types of signage. Signature Building […]

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Sign Lettering Psychology

Sign Lettering describes what kind of personality a business has, what the environment is like, and the quality of the product or service a business provides. A business must choose the correct letter lighting, colors,  and style for the company sign, otherwise the business is misrepresented by its sign and that can cause a decrease in sales and angry […]

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Choosing a Sign

Starting a new commercial business or opening a new location choosing a sign, regardless of location or target market, is never an easy process. There are many different decisions that have to be made to help guarantee success for the future. One of these major decisions is how to market the business in a cost-effective and […]

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The Future of Signage

The advancement of technology throughout the last few decades has pushed signs into a new era. In the past, signs were generally unlit, hand painted pieces of art that adorned the roadways and building fronts of the United States and beyond. These same areas are still covered in signage, yet there is a notable difference […]

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