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The Changing Retail Space: How Signage Can Impact the Retail Experience

The recent “death of retail’ hype may not be as accurate as many once believed. Recent reports are showing a 5.8% increase in spending from last year, and the strongest growth since 2011. As numbers from Black Friday and Cyber Monday come in, we find ourselves wondering how this will impact e-commerce sales. This raises questions […]

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On-Site Branding: How Signage Can Impact Your Brand

When it comes to your brand strategy, are you using the correct approaches to position yourself within the most desirable market or industry? From a marketing perspective, this involves creating an image to convey to your target markets. Thereafter, you can utilize new and existing resources to resonate that brand position with the customer. In […]

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Marketing Functions of Signs

Signs serve multiple marketing functions that are easily overlooked by Business schools and retailers. Signs serve as communication, enhancing, and branding the site. This article is about the different marketing functions that on-premise signs serve for a business. Communicating the Location Signs tell people where a business is located. When placed on a highway, signs serve as […]

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Golden Age of Neon

From the 1920s to the 1960s was the golden age of neon.  Neon dominated new developments in the signage industry and brightened businesses with its “magical” glow. Even though the golden age of neon has come and gone, this type of lighting is still prevalent in today’s signage industry. Georges Claude, a French engineer, first revealed his new glowing invention […]

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LED Lights for Signage

Light Emitting Diodes, otherwise known as LEDs, are bulbs that are about the size of a pea that fit easily into an electrical circuit. The use of LEDs in electrical signage has increased significantly over the past decade. They are more advanced, brighter, and eco-friendly lighting. This type of lighting has a number of advantages […]

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