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Marketing Functions of Signs

Signs serve multiple marketing functions that are easily overlooked by Business schools and retailers. Signs serve as communication, enhancing, and branding the site. This article is about the different marketing functions that on-premise signs serve for a business. Communicating the Location Signs…

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Golden Age of Neon

From the 1920s to the 1960s was the golden age of neon.  Neon dominated new developments in the signage industry and brightened businesses with its “magical” glow. Even though the golden age of neon has come and gone, this type of lighting is still prevalent…

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LED Lights for Signage

Light Emitting Diodes, otherwise known as LEDs, are bulbs that are about the size of a pea that fit easily into an electrical circuit. The use of LEDs in electrical signage has increased significantly over the past decade. They are…

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Design Team

In both aesthetic appeal and its physical structure, your sign design speaks volumes about your brand. Every curve, every light, and every color choice makes an important contribution to the way customers interpret your brand’s personality. At North American Signs…

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Summer Internship

Internships are all about experience and that is exactly what I got from my internship with North American Signs this summer. Through this position I was able to work for a company that had international capabilities but also was family-owned…

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80 Years of Innovation

Innovation has been a priority for North American Signs for 80 years. The company cultivates a culture that is open to new ideas and is dedicated to being a leader in the signage industry. Since the company was started in 1934 by the late…

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