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Design Team

In both aesthetic appeal and its physical structure, your sign design speaks volumes about your brand. Every curve, every light, and every color choice makes an important contribution to the way customers interpret your brand’s personality. At North American Signs our experienced design team utilizes their creative abilities and architectural knowledge in order to produce a sign that communicates your message in an efficient and practical manner.

The North American Signs design team love seeing the final manufactured sign that began at their computer. They are dedicated to the customer’s identity and work as a team to stay true to the brand. From 3-D rendering to production knowledge, each designer brings a different expertise that makes the team stronger and  helps produce the best sign possible for the customer. Also, the designers are always hungry to learn new skills from their teammates so each one is constantly improving their ability. They realize that the design of the signs have a big reflection of the company so they are dedicated to making a great impression with their detailed sign designs. Designer

The designers at North American Signs utilize all of the resources available in order to generate the best plan for your company’s brand. The designers incorporate state-of-the-art technology when creating drawings for customers. They utilized AdobeSuite, CorelDRAW, and FlexiSign to make your vision into a reality. They also work closely with the sales team, project managers, and the estimators to make sure that the design satisfies your signage needs.

Our design team can handle short turnaround times. They work tirelessly to produce the designs that you need according to your vision and specifications. It is estimated that our design team has created thousands drawings each year. No matter the quantity of signage you need or the schedule you are working on, North American Signs can deliver on time, every time.


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