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Facility Capabilities

As we look forward and anticipate more growth our facility capabilities are a natural area to highlight.  Our state of the art, UL compliant manufacturing facility handles some of the shortest lead times in the industry. As a company that is committed to innovation, we have provided our sign manufacturing professional craftsmen with the most up-to-date machines to ensure the highest quality of signs for our customers.

Our in-house facility capabilities allow us to ensure the highest quality of signs for our clients. North American Signs manufacturing capabilities are vast and include all types of metals, plastics, fabrics, films, wood and alternative materials.  Our painters are PPG Master Certified (10 years of training).  We use the latest technology in equipment and automation for repeatability and efficiency.North American Signs Facility

Our manufacturing center incorporates today’s technology with highly experienced professional sign craftsmen in order to meet a wide range of signage needs.  From mass-produced channel letters to intricate customized cabinets, all signs at North American Signs are fabricated with the most dedicated attention to detail and craftsmanship. We utilize several quality checkpoints throughout our process including but not limited to checklist at crating and routine process quality audits.  Our best quality checkpoint is the dedication and exacting eye of our employees at each process.

We operate a progressive and innovative manufacturing facility and are industry leaders in the use and development of LED’s in signs. North American Signs have been providing LED illumination for over 20 years for national sign programs. We also have had several custom designed LED products (and related sign products) built specifically to meet the needs of a program where we saw the opportunity to move the client’s sign package to a different level.

Quality is one of our primary axioms.  Our mantra is we will do it right the first time because neither the client nor we have the time to do it a second time.



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