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Importance of Commercial Signs in Branding

A commercial sign is an easy and smart way to emphasize and advertise a business’ brand. A clear focus on branding the actual site of your bricks and mortar business will help ensure it is distinctive and memorable. Because signs are available to all consumers passing by them, they can be a memory jogger, and add to the curb appeal of the business.

This well designed commercial sign captures what the building offers while adding to the curb appeal.

Available to all Audiences

Unlike other advertising methods such as the radio, magazines, newspapers, television, and many more; consumers cannot choose whether or not they see a commercial sign. All people driving by a sign tend to notice it. Commercial signs are unlike other forms of advertising because you can turn off the TV or choose not to read a specific type of magazine. A sign reaches a larger audience. Since a commercial sign reaches such a large and diverse audience, it allows businesses to market themselves immediately to customers who were unfamiliar with the business and are on or near the site.

Additional Impressions

If a commercial sign is designed properly, it can serve as a reminder as to what the business offers. Since they can be seen repeatedly, commercial signs reinforce memory of the business to past, present, or future customers. These brand impressions raise the likelihood that a consumer will remember the business when the need for that business arises.  This is one of the simplest ways to advertise a business to the general public 24/7.

If a business fails to take advantage of the branding capability of the storefront by creating a non-uniform appearance, it cannot reap the full benefits of the signage investment.

(The Signage Sourcebook)

Store Appearance

A commercial sign can add character to a business. It informs consumers about the types of goods or services offered locally available. “Signage can be used to turn an ordinary empty box-shaped building into any environment desired to satisfy the tastes of customers the business wishes to attract”( On-Premise Signs). The curb appeal of a business is one way a business brands itself to the general public. A commercial sign can add value to the overall brand by increasing the curb appeal of the business.

Failure to use a commercial sign appropriately is a failure to brand a business to the fullest. Signs have the ability to reach people outside of their target audience because anyone can drive by them. They can also remind customers about the business because they are public and easily viewable. Lastly, commercial signs can build a business’s appearance through adequate sign design. Commercial signage is a simple way to increase the value of your business, and your brand.

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