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A logo can have amazing value, especially when properly designed.  A logo is a symbol or emblem used by organizations to promote instant public brand recognition. Whether it incorporates a name or is just a symbol is often a matter of evolution.  Starbucks, Dairy Queen and McDonalds are clear examples of STAcompany logos that through small iterations over time have become symbols where the name is no longer needed to convey the message.

A few preliminary considerations when working on logo design can pay off big in the final product.  TwoDQ of these preliminary issues are (1) what meaning do you mean to convey and (2) where will the logo be viewed.  Too often we see a logo designed for a business card or stationary or, more recently, a website, which may or may not easily translate into a sign.  Subsequently we are then asked to create a sign using the logo, creating possible challenges . The good news is with digital printing and LED lighting techniques there is an ability to create unique signs (wall signs, channel letters, pylon signs, etc.) that were not possible before.


But just being able to create the sign does not mean it will be recognizable or memorable.  All aspects of a logo need to be thought through carefully, including graphics, color, shape, font (size, thickness, kerning) and negative space.  The best signs utilize the combination of these factors to create a sign that is recognizable (stands out in the crowd) and easy for the customer to remember.  When the various applications of the logo are considered, then the brand, as represented by the logo, can start to shine through.

After this, infusing the logo with value relies on the experience of the customer.  Signs create thousands of repeated exposures over time.  When they utilize a logo with strong graphics that reinforce the brand experience, their value can be monumental.

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