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Product Types

Sign Types from North American Signs

You need signage solutions that are as varied as the applications and the problems they address. Whether you’re trying to attract customers and prospects, control traffic flow, or simply provide information, the right sign can make all the difference.

Letter Sets & Logo Types Letter Sets & Logo Types

Letter Sets & Logo Types

Projecting and protecting your brand, in bigger than life proportions

Letter sets and logo types let your brand shine. Depending on your design intent, there are many styles of channel letters from which to choose.

Pylon Signs Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs

Standing head and shoulders above the rest

Seen from a distance, pylon signs often create the first impression of your brand. Secondly, they help people identify the location of your store. For these reasons, pylon signs should incorporate your brand and extend the building design for continuity. Pylon signs are typically roadside signs of 20′ or more in overall height. The support structure involves a concrete foundation with steel supports. Pylons are generally illuminated and can have a variety of face types from flat acrylic with vinyl decorate to routed aluminum with acrylic copy.

Monument Signs Monument Signs

Monument Signs

Connect at eye-level

Simply put, monuments signs are your potential customers’ first glimpse of your brand and where your business is located. To be effective, monument signs should incorporate your brand and, for continuity, can compliment your building design.

Monument signs are lower profile roadside signs under 20′ in height. Support structures are usually a concrete foundation with steel supports. Monument signs are generally illuminated and can have a variety of face types from flat acrylic with vinyl to routed aluminum with acrylic copy.

Architectural Signs Architectural Signs

Architectural Signs

The unsung heroes in architectural harmony

Architectural signage can incorporate many elements, including interior and exterior identification signage, as well as bronze plaques and other design features that are in harmony with the building’s architecture.

Cabinet Signs Cabinet Signs

Cabinet Signs

Compelling Variety

Cabinet signs are internally illuminated signs often with routed faces backed with colored plastic or with push through acrylic cut outs to achieve a three dimensional effect. These are often incorporated into interior store fronts or the exterior wall of a building. Cabinet signs can be mounted on pylons or monument bases with plastic or fabric (flexible) face materials (see pylon and monument signs).

Custom Signs Custom Signs

Custom Signs

Enabling you to get exactly what you want

Custom signs can have a wide range of uses, construction, and scope. They can provide simple solutions to frustrating, site-specific problems.

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) & Electronic Message Boards (EMBs) Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) & Electronic Message Boards (EMBs)

Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) & Electronic Message Boards (EMBs)

The new dynamic in signage

EMCs are appearing everywhere from small interior applications to street side to stadium systems because they increase attention and increase sales. These can range from simple changeable letter signs to expansive LED screens.

Directional Signs Directional Signs

Directional Signs

Clearly, concisely pointing the way

The intent of directional signage is to direct traffic in and out of your business; therefore they must be highly visible in both design and placement. To be effective, these signs also need to be illuminated either internally or externally with spot lights or another light source. “Post & Panel” is perhaps the most common design element used in directional signage.

Way Finding Signs Way Finding Signs

Way Finding Signs

Siblings of directional signage, way finding signs have more versatility

Way finding signs can be similar in design and construction to directional signage. However, these signs are typically not limited to entrance and exit direction. Way finding signs generally contain directional information and are often used in campus applications where there are multiple buildings, entrances, or points of interest.

Cash Wraps Cash Wraps

Cash Wraps

Point-of-Sale (POS) Brand Reinforcement

Decoration and graphics, including identity branding, at the point of purchase and surrounding interior areas creates atmosphere and another brand impression.

Interior & Exterior Graphics Interior & Exterior Graphics

Interior & Exterior Graphics

Pictures and graphics grab attention like nothing else

Interior and exterior graphics are likely what most people think of when they’re considering signage solutions. They range in variety from window vinyl to digitally printed window and/or wall graphics. While digital printing is definitely dominating the industry right now, vinyl still plays a significant role, accounting for a notable percentage of installations. To ensure longevity, exterior graphics should incorporate a UV inhibitor and/or laminate.

Window Graphics & Window Vinyls Window Graphics & Window Vinyls

Window Graphics & Window Vinyls

Window lettering & decals to full-window treatments & graphics

Decorated windows serve a safety purpose and provide additional brand impressions. Use your windows to enhance the look and attractiveness of your location.

Barricade Graphics Barricade Graphics

Barricade Graphics

Announcing your brand builds awareness as construction takes place

Building brand awareness and creating the expectation of a shopping experience increases your success on opening day. Use your space wisely to ensure a positive impression and build momentum for your grand opening.

Awnings Awnings


Custom Awnings

Awning applications present excellent opportunities to brand your building. They also create an architectural highlight as well as provide shelter for your customers.

ADA Signage ADA Signage

ADA Signage

Comply with ADA requirements with simple and beautiful signs

Identify entrances and rooms with ADA-compliant Braille signage, markers and plaques. ADA Signage can be basic or can extend your design elements throughout your facility.

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