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Sign Maintenance: 5 Reasons, 5 Actions

Sign maintenance and repair are key to keeping your best image in front of your customers. So you invested in a sign and it is working for you. Have you looked at it with new eyes recently?

Why?  Research shows that shoppers value the information on signs.

5 Reasons:*

Shoppers notice signs.
Shoppers use signage. Is yours attractive?

Risk of Missed Business:  54% say they have failed to find a business due to poor signage.  A sign that is dark makes the business seem closed – at that time or for good.

New Business Opportunities:  33% have been attracted to a store because of signage.  To attract new customers, an attractive sign is a necessity.

Make a Good Impression:  38% say they make quality assumptions about a business based on their signs.  What does your sign say about your quality?

Be Noticed: 64% reported that dimly lit signs made the sign difficult to read.

The Next Generation: those in the 18-24 age group report being drawn into businesses and making quality assumptions based on signs at higher levels that the general population.

So what can you do?

5 Actions:

Get Bright Lighting – be sure your signs have new lamps, tubes, or LEDs and look bright and inviting.

Upgrade to LEDs – reduce energy consumption and improve brightness while reducing maintenance costs with an upgrade to LEDs.

Order a Sign Wash – soot, dust, and bugs all contribute to a dingy look and decreased brightness.

Paint the Sign – a fresh coat of paint can brighten the look of a sign just as it can a room.

Update Your Faces – plastic and paint fade and discolor over the years.  A small investment in new faces provides a bright new look.

And a Bonus Tip:

Finally, set a weekly or monthly reminder to take 5 minutes to really look at your signs and be sure they continue to be your best sales tool – attracting shoppers, impressing them with your image, and greeting them with something as bright as your smile.  Sign maintenance can be simple, but consistency provides ongoing benefits.

*Data from Kellaris, 100,000 Shoppers Can’t Be Wrong; and Kellaris, Viewing Signs through the Eyes of the Beholders; available at the Sign Research Foundation.

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