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Signage ROI Comparisons

Signage ROI comparisons to alternative advertising options show the value of on premise signs. When considering the investment, signs consistently are a great value. Traditional media options to signage include newspaper advertising, billboards, radio, and television. The on premise sign continues to perform where many of these alternatives have seen their exposure rates decline and their markets fracture in the digital age.

Signage ROI vs. Traditional Media

Historically, signage ROI out performed all the traditional media in cost per exposures. In Taylor and Claus’ “On-Premise Signs as Storefront Marketing Devices and Systems,” numerous studies support the high ROI for signage. A typical comparison shows the cost per 1000 exposures varying from over $1.50 to over $12.00 for traditional media. The cost per 1000 exposures for a sign is closer to 30 cents. Signs easily have the highest ROI when compared to traditional media.

vs. Digital Media

In the digital age, signage ROI comparisons remain favorable if less documented. The out of pocket expense of exposures has declined for many forms of digital marketing. However, the soft cost of time and effort has increased. Managing an active social media campaign can cost relatively little other than the time. Signs can operate 24 hours a day, reach the audience that is in closest proximity to your location, and take minimal time to manage once the original investment is made.

The most time consuming form of signage to manage is a changeable copy board or a digital electronic message center. These can be managed in conjunction with a social media campaign. If managed alone, they take even less time as the messages are usually set up to be repeating and scheduled over days if not weeks. The signage ROI comparison of payoffs can be huge.

All of the signage ROI comparisons simply ignore the added value of name recognition and trade area focus. Depending on the characteristics of your business, signs offer either outstanding ROI or perhaps just excellent ROI compared to the many alternatives.

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  • Posted August 3, 2016 at 5:44 am | Permalink

    Digital Signage is defiantly a better approach then a traditional sign boards.Because the main thing is you can change the content anytime. But you just need to be care full that how and what content should be displayed on signage.

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