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How Businesses Can Handle the Great Resignation

From 2008 to 2009, America saw its largest economic recession since the Great Depression. The housing market crashed, millions of people lost their jobs, and numerous other financial crises rolled through the U.S. It seems the country may be moving…

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Blog on Tape: Ep. 1 – Human Capital in 2021

Blog on Tape
Blog on Tape
Blog on Tape: Ep. 1 - Human Capital in 2021

Welcome to our brand new series of The Innovation Room Podcast called Blog on Tape! Here, we’ll be covering some of our blog topics in audio versions so you can listen to them on the go, no matter where you are. In this inaugural episode, we’re talking all about human capital. It’s one of the hottest topics in the business world right now, and is especially important with the growth of digital technology and automation. We’ve got all the details on why human capital is indispensable in 2021 and how it will transform the workplace.