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Human Capital in 2021 and Beyond

Forecasting is at the front of every business’s collective effort right now. What’s coming next? What are the latest trends? How can we prepare for the future? One of the most relevant topics to come to the fore is human…

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A Guide to Career Development for Young Professionals

40 years ago, Dolly Parton famously sang about the 9 to 5 working hours, highlighting the mediocrity that often characterizes the standard workday. It can be challenging to muster up the enthusiasm and motivation to make it through the work…

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Top 10 Facility Maintenance Companies

Facility Maintenance is a flourishing industry. With a current estimated market share of $39.5 billion, it’s expected to grow to $65.5 billion by 2025. Because of Covid-19, services provided by the FM industry will be more important than ever to…

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Integrating the New Normal During COVID-19

The Global Pandemic of Covid-19 began in China, the “Factory of the World”. China has begun reopening its operations and has given the rest of the world some insight into what production looks like during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Normal” as…

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