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5 Ways to Maintain Your Sign

I recently visited Las Vegas for the first time… wow! There are shows, casinos, shopping venues, and drinking establishments galore. But what exactly makes the view of the Las Vegas Strip so iconic? Indeed, it’s the storefronts and facades that…

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5 Ways to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Business

Your sign is one of your brand’s most important assets. Think of it like a salesperson. It is a brand advocate, helping people locate your business and communicating your brand values. So having a well-designed sign and then keeping up…

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Using Pre-Attentive Processing in Sign Design

  Digital media experts estimate that in 2021, the average person sees between 6,000 and 10,000 ads per day. Fifty years ago, the average person saw between 500 to 1600 ads each day. What’s responsible for this change? You’ve probably…

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Top 10 Sign Design Elements to Consider

Your sign is one of your business’s most critical brand assets. So ensuring the overall design of your sign stays true to brand guidelines is equally as important. We’ve outlined the top 10 sign design elements to consider when putting…

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3 Benefits of Business Signs

When it comes to effective marketing, nobody teaches business owners about the 3 benefits of business signs. Signs play a key role in most businesses. The three benefits signs have on businesses are branding, increased sales, and information to consumers. BRANDING THE SITE Business…

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