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Six Ways: Signs Can Increase Your ROI!

While 2018 may feel as if it was only a couple weeks ago, it’s no surprise that 2019 is here, and it’s moving fast. You may even find yourself feeling behind with Q1 coming to an end. The good news is there’s no need to worry, we’re here to keep you up to speed and […]

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Gaining Attention: Shape & Design

The shape and design of any sign helps determine its effectiveness.  Since most signs are rectangular, attention can often be gained by the use of differently shaped signs. In some cases, three dimensional sculptured shapes can be used to attract attention. Besides creating a thoughtful graphic message, the entire sign construction creates a format for […]

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Design Team

In both aesthetic appeal and its physical structure, your sign design speaks volumes about your brand. Every curve, every light, and every color choice makes an important contribution to the way customers interpret your brand’s personality. At North American Signs our experienced design team utilizes their creative abilities and architectural knowledge in order to produce […]

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Gaining Attention: Size of Signage

The first factor to consider when gaining the attention of a potential customer through signage is the physical size of the sign. Buyers must be conscious to purchase a sign that is maximally productive without being larger than necessary.  Larger signs may or may not be more or less attractive. North American Signs has emphasized […]

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Innovation in Signage

Innovation is quickly rising to cult status.  While today it seems nearly ubiquitous, the demand for more seems insatiable.  All entrepreneurs work with it in one way or another.  As Phil Newbold points out in his book Wake Up and Smell the Innovation, innovations can come in several flavors: sustaining, transformational, and revolutionary.  Sign design and […]

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Great Sign Design and Brand Impressions

Great sign design means elegantly executing a client’s brand image within the confines of our physical environment. The custom design of pylons, monument signs and other brand impressions is not separate from other great design basics such as artistic, practical and humanistic considerations. Artistic Elements of Sign Design The artist in me cries out for […]

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