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Top 10 HVAC Companies

Top HVAC companies

No matter the season, it’s important to have a reliable HVAC contractor on your side to protect the safety of your facility. Air quality is particularly important, especially in a commercial facility. A quality HVAC system can ensure the safety of your facility’s indoor environment. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 national HVAC companies so that if you get into a chilly situation at home or at the office, you’ll know who to call.

Listed in alphabetical order, we’ve considered the following companies for their products’ efficiency ratings, reliability, durability, and their customer service.

Top 10 HVAC Companies

  1. Carrier Heating and Cooling – Founded in 1902 by the inventor of the modern air conditioning system, William Carrier, Carrier is a global leader and innovator in the HVAC industry. They provide healthy, safe, and efficient commercial and residential HVAC system solutions. They seek to improve indoor air quality as well as promote sustainable, green technologies.
  2. Coleman Heating and Air Conditioning – Coleman is known for its reliable and durable HVAC systems that supply unparalleled comfort. They manufacture their systems here in the U.S. and provide cost effective commercial solutions. Installation and service are quick and easy with outstanding technical support.
  3. Frigidaire HVAC – Frigidaire HVAC specializes in residential HVAC systems known for their superior performance and reliability. They provide customers with a nationwide network of Frigidaire HVAC contractors to install and service their systems. Frigidaire is also a national leader in the home appliance industry.
  4. Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating – A member of Daikin Group, Goodman Manufacturing Company, L.P. was founded in 1975. While they pride themselves on providing the highest quality products for homeowners, Goodman, with their A rating from the Better Business Bureau, touts outstanding customer service. They have a global reach, but also focus on providing American jobs.
  5. Lennox Commercial – With a long history of providing innovative HVAC solutions, Lennox supplies residences and commercial companies with reliable and efficient HVAC systems. They are industry leaders in providing HVAC solutions that create clean and healthy air while maintaining a comfortable indoor climate. Lennox also offers extended warranty programs on their HVAC products.
  6. LG Air Conditioning Technologies – LG Air Conditioning Technologies provides a wide range of HVAC solutions, from residential, to light commercial and large-scale commercial projects. Their HVAC systems offer superior climate control, even in large facilities. They have the design flexibility to meet everything from retrofits to new construction plans.
  7. Rheem – Committed to reducing their environmental impact to zero waste by 2035, Rheem is the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America. For nearly 100 years, Rheem has supplied the HVAC industry with a long list of award-winning solutions.
  8. Siemens Building Technologies – While providing total-facility solutions, Siemens produces a variety of commercial HVAC solutions to support complete building automation. Their products are all designed to communicate with a centralized management system, to give you complete control over the environment in your facility.
  9. Trane – Trane air conditioning systems are known for their quality, with high efficiency ratings for both residential and commercial applications. As a global company, they supply one of the most diverse HVAC product lines on the market. But they also follow through on their promise to innovate green technology.
  10. York International – With both residential and commercial solutions, York is committed to providing comfortable solutions for the home, and sustainable solutions for large facilities. They have an expansive residential dealer network and provide industry-leading commercial support services.

Maintaining your home or facility throughout the year can be a challenge. Finding the right HVAC system can ensure your space is safe and comfortable. We hope this compilation is helpful in your search for the perfect HVAC company to meet your needs!

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