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Top 5 Facility Management Software Solutions

In today’s world, having quick access to information is more important than ever! That’s especially true for businesses which are reliant on high-functioning assets and facilities. The pace of the business world grows ever faster, so companies must do all they can to keep their facilities and assets operating at peak performance. One great way to do this is through facility management software, also known as CMMS or computerized maintenance management system. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 facility management software solutions that not only keep your business running, but help keep you ahead of the competition.

Top Software Solutions

  1. MaintainX – MaintainX is one of the leading facility management software providers. In addition to specifically servicing facility management needs, MaintainX has solutions to fit a variety of industries, including, food and beverage, property management, education, and hospitality. Their CMMS allows you to track reactive maintenance, schedule preventative maintenance, track assets, and manage work orders in real time.
  2. Fexa – Fully dedicated to optimizing and revolutionizing the facility management software industry, Fexa offers a suite of CMMS tools to help clients optimize the their processes. A role-based user interface and customization capability, in everything from the interface to internal and external communications, set Fexa apart. Fexa serves multiple industries, from restaurants, to grocery, home improvement, retail, and multi-site operators.
  3. FMX – Boasting a simple user interface and automated administrative work, FMX’s CMMS ensures efficient and innovative processes. The software features interactive floorplans, proactive maintenance schedules, and real-time reporting. The FM software from FMX integrates all the tools facility managers need to keep their business’s assets running smoothly.
  4. UpKeep – UpKeep features a CMMS solution that aims to streamline maintenance processes, ensure safety and compliance of technicians, lower costs, and provide data-driven insights. And it’s mobile-first focus means that workers can enter information onsite without having to worry about double data entry. UpKeep’s software can serve a variety of industries, from healthcare, to manufacturing, schools, farming, and government
  5. HippoCMMS – With both mobile and desktop applications, HippoCMMS gives users control over work orders, preventative maintenance plans, reporting, and equipment and inventory management. Interactive floorplans and inspection management help businesses to track assets and ensure everything is operating as it should to avoid unnecessary costs.

We hope this list of the top 5 facility management software solutions helps you and your business successfully streamline processes and optimize workflows. Be sure to check out our other blogs about top facility maintenance companies and top HVAC companies!

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