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What Makes Up a Signage Company?

Thais, a recent retiree of North American Signs, offered some words of wisdom before her departure in mid-May, “Our Company is so connected. It’s like standing dominos. If you push one, they’re all going to fall.” If anyone knows the answer to what truly makes up a signage company, it would be Thais, who worked at North American Signs for 30 years.


As anyone who has been in the sign industry could tell you, there are many parts that make up a signage company. This includes salespeople, project managers, supervisors, receptionists, the shop, the vendors, the art department, and the installers. But who fills these positions? People. Without all the people who fill these positions, there would be no company. Thais knew this key to success. She attributed much of the company’s growth to the many employees who also realize the “intricate package” a signage company truly is.

For any signage company to be successful, the employees must work together to reach a common goal. This is easier said than done considering all of the pieces that go into a company. Thais described this as a “big ball of yarn that’s intertwined in order to get things done.” Every piece of the company is just as important and vital to reach the optimal outcome. Without the right people in the right positions, that ball of yarn will constantly be tangled.

Building Relationships

Graphic on customer experience
Importance of customer experience.

Therefore, it comes down to the employees and how they can grow the company. More specifically, how they are able to maintain and keep a relationship with customers. Thais’ number one piece of advice on how to do this was spoken by Maya Angelou, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, that people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Employees must constantly be striving towards creating trust between them and the customers. As said by Thais, “Trust that says we are okay, that we are going to take care of it.” No matter what goes right or what goes wrong, the employees have to carry the skill of making the customers feel “taken care of.”

As is evident, it is people like Thais who make signage companies successful. Without employees who are dedicated to growing the company and working at creating relationships with customers, there would be no company at all.

Based on an interview conducted by Iris Fry.

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