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3 Seconds of Sign Gold

Brass LtrPublic perceptions of signs clearly illustrate the 3 seconds of sign gold available to savvy sign buyers.  The approximately 3 seconds a driver or pedestrian spends noticing a sign can direct attention to your site.  It also tells a consumer about your brand.  A sign communicates many things including the name, the quality and the experience of a site.

Results from the BrandSpark / Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study™ demonstrate what sign experts have understood for years: consumers use signs not only for identity and way finding.  They also assume qualities of the store based on the characteristics of the sign.  Those 3 seconds of sign gold communicate more than your name to consumers.

Specifically, the study finds:

Consumers draw conclusions from signs.

75% of consumers agree that one of the first things they notice about a new or unfamiliar business is the signage outside its building.

40% of consumers say that they have made quality assumptions based on a store having clear and attractive signage.

Over 80% of consumers agree that in addition to identifying a business, signs can convey the personality or character of the business.

In other words:  Consumers notice signs.  Consumers assume a sign indicates a level of quality.  And consumers attribute characteristics of the sign to the business.

These results support the findings of numerous private studies of attitudes towards signs we have conducted over the past 40 years.  The public values signs and draws inferences about a store’s quality of product and experience from its signs.  The 3 seconds of sign gold can directly impact your customers’ perception of your store and in turn, your bottom line.

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