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4 Reasons Sign Design is Critical to Brand Trust

sign blueprintSo you know you need a sign for your business, but you’re not quite sure where to start. Your sign may be a customer or client’s first encounter with your business—your sign must be a true representation of your brand. One of the first steps in the execution of a new sign is its blueprint or design. Your designer will render the blueprint digitally using various programs like CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, FlexiSign, and EnRoute. We’re going to cover the four reasons great sign design and excellent brand representation will lead to more trust between you and your sign company and you and your customers.

Why is Accurate Sign Design So Critical?

  1. The digital design is the first step to realizing your sign vision. When the rendering is done correctly, you should know exactly what your sign will look like once installed. But what if you don’t like every aspect of the design? No worries! The digital nature of the design still leaves space to adjust the details. This stage of your sign is critical in large part because of this flexibility. You can iron out all the details with your project manager or design team before it comes time to manufacture your sign.
  2. A trusted design team will give you an accurate picture. To get a truly accurate picture of your sign, you need a first-rate design team on your side. A great designer will be able to create blueprints and pictorial representations of your sign from multiple perspectives, meaning that you know exactly what you’re getting, no matter the angle. This builds confidence and trust on all sides. An inaccurate design leads to misunderstanding, which could increase both the timeline and price of your project.
  3. An accurate blueprint means an accurate price. When you have an accurate drawing from a top-notch design team, you’re also going to get an accurate price for your sign. This is all based on materials, the existing façade, labor, and other factors. An accurate design takes these into account and gives you the most precise pricing, which we all know is an integral part of customer satisfaction. The mobility to make changes based on your anticipated budget also plays into customer satisfaction. So whether you’re the customer or the sign manufacturer, creating an accurate design for pricing purposes is critical to building trust and giving everyone the confidence to move forward. And in the sign business, the picture of your sign is worth more than a thousand words…and in some cases more than a thousand dollars.
  4. An authentic sign is the best way to communicate your brand’s values. Once you have a killer sign design, the hard work is done. An accurate blueprint means that the design team will be able to communicate the vision to the manufacturing and installation teams clearly. Before you know it, your sign dreams will become a reality! Remember, your sign is many customer’s first encounter with your brand. It’s critical that your sign is an accurate and inspiring representation of your business and its values.

Invest in Your Sign = Invest in Your Brand

If you don’t invest in your signage from the beginning, while it may not initially seem like a big deal, it can have significant and hidden repercussions for your brand. And great signage can increase your ROI. But an accurate blueprint and rendering from a trusted design team ensures that your signage is true to your brand. And while first impressions aren’t everything, they’re certainly something.


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