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Gaining Attention: Visual, Motion, Flashing, & Time and Temperature Signs

The purpose of a commercial sign is to gain the attention of consumers. In order to maximize a sign’s purpose and value, there are various details that enhance the attention a sign attracts.

Visual Competition

In a highly populated area, sign competition increases dramatically compared to a more rural area. Though it is important to always buy a visually appealing sign, it becomes even more important when encountering competition. Referring to a sign specialist at an experienced sign company will ensure the sign will stand out from any competition.


Movement is a way to catch attention. Therefore, a commercial sign with any type of movement is more likely to catch a person’s attention compared to a stationary sign. It is important that a sign buyer is knowledgeable of the sign regulations in their town. Some areas prohibit certain types of sign movement. If this is the case, the sign company should know of a way to work around the regulations.


Flashing signs not only increase visibility, but are also visually pleasing to people passing by. They increase visibility by standing out from other commercial signs and grabbing people’s attention. The lights also make the sign easier to see, especially at night. People also tend to find flashing signs interesting and draws in their attention. It is said by Noel Yarger that incandescent bulbs traveling around a sign creates a sense

Time and Temperature Sign manufactured at North American Signs

of excitement and entertainment. If used in the correct manner, flashing signs can draw a lot of attention to a business.

Time and Temperature Signs

Time and temperature signs serve as an amenity to the public. Consumers may have a more positive view of a business that invests in one of these signs because of the service they are providing to the community.

Along with the generosity of providing a time and temperature sign, it also gains the attention of consumers. When speaking with merchants located across the street from a time and temperature sign, the merchants have found a pattern. Many customers who have trouble finding their business state they were so concentrated on the time and temperature sign across the street that they missed the business they were actually looking for.

Many businesses fail to realize all of the details that go into making a well designed sign. This is just another reason it is important to invest in a sign company that knows how to create the best sign for your business. Incorporating one or more than one of the above factors will increase the commercial sign’s value to the business.

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  • Posted September 24, 2018 at 1:01 pm | Permalink

    My workplace is considering purchasing some larger signs to help people find our office location better and to help with marketing, and my boss would really appreciate your tips on how to make the signs more noticeable. Signs that provide time and temperature, as you say, will double as an amenity to the public and also improve awareness of our location, so having that set up to increase the goodwill that the company has with the public is a great idea. I’ll be sure to mention that flashing is also great for grabbing attention and makes the sign easier to see at night, which will be great if we put the sign near the freeway.

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