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Factors When Buying Signage

When purchasing signage, buyers often want to know what to look for beyond the normal factors such as price and delivery.  Certainly a buyer must also be aware of different technical factors that make one sign company more qualified than another.  Below are various factors (beyond the obvious) that should be evaluated amongst potential sign suppliers in order to find the best fit.


The buyer should judge the suppliers based on the methods by which they plan to manufacture the sign, including the types of inputs that they want to use. Technical specifications can be shifted to accommodate different needs such as long life, easy maintenance, minimized energy usage, or premium materials. Methods can vary as well in construction techniques such as welding, newer glue technologies, lighting options, and attachment methods. If the supplier’s specifications and methods for producing the sign do not satisfy the buyer’s request, then the two parties may not be a good fit to do business with each other.


The buyer must evaluate whether or not the supplier will be able to follow through with the promise made by their original proposal. This evaluation process should include asking the supplier about facilities, equipment, staff, and experience.  Lead time for manufacturing as well as installation can be critical.  Additionally, and seldom considered, is a company’s ability to get the best signage for a given location permitted.  Variance experience and a willingness to think creatively about a particular location can provide the location a boost in sales and financial success.

Past Work

haciendaThe buyer can increase the chance of success by performing due diligence – researching the supplier’s past projects and asking for references. The buyer should evaluate the standards of both quality and experience when assessing this factor.


When purchasing a sign, a buyer must be conscious of the proximity  and scope of the supplier. The sign manufacturer must either be in a location that can reach your locations or have the capabilities to effectively deliver and install the signs.

You CAN Ask

As the purchasing agent, take the time to be sure of your supplier.  Reputable companies will be excited to answer the questions for you.

North American Signs has over 80 years of experience in sign manufacturing and installation. Confident in our methods and material expertise, we can deliver a range of options to meet particular requirements and needs.  Our permitting and visual identity capabilities lead the industry.  We have a rich portfolio of satisfied clients that include the nation’s leading brands.  With our manufacturing facility located in Indiana, “the Crossroads of America,” North American Signs can accommodate companies from all across the country and regularly work in Canada and even overseas. Our experienced staff and network of over 3500 partners nationwide can meet your signage needs.


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