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Safety Shields

Protect those that matter most.

We know that protecting the health and safety of your customers and employees is a top priority. That’s why we help you maintain social distancing in your space with only the highest quality, customizable, and easy-to-install acrylic safety shields and vinyl wall and floor distancing decals. We want to ensure that your goal of keeping employees and customers happy, healthy, and safe is met with excellence. Our customizable solutions are as unique as your business, because keeping you running is our top priority.

Portable Plastic Shield

Ease is the name of the game.

These easy-to-assemble, clear, acrylic shields are customizable to fit your every need. They not only protect the safety of your customers and employees, but also convey that safety is your top priority. They are made of transparent acrylic with customizable dimensions. Stand alone, completely mobile, and easily cleaned with soap and water.

Point-of-Sale Countertop Shield

Elegant safety standards. 

An unobtrusive safety barrier between your employees and customers is a great way to ensure your facility is healthy. These barriers are easy to install and offer a sleek look to any space. They are made of transparent acrylic with customizable dimensions and bracketing attachment options. Easily cleaned with soap and water.

Social Distancing Decals

Branded decals to guide customers through your space.

Floor and wall decals that match your brand help guide traffic in your space and maintain safe practices. These are a staple in any place that may have high foot traffic. These decals can be customized to your brand and are specially designed to meet the needs of your unique space. Find the dimensions here.

Discover how we can help you find the right safety solutions to fit your business.