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Case Studies

Imagine your headaches…gone. Your timelines…met. Your problems…handled. That’s exactly what we’ve been providing our customers since 1934. Though the industry has certainly changed over the years, our commitment to provide exemplary service has remained consistent. We simply get the job done. Period.

  • Juicy Couture

    Juicy Couture

    What they needed:
    A complete solution for their international signage needs.

    How we did it:
    By ensuring that every curve, every letter, and every finish was exactly in line with brand guidelines and completed ahead of time.

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  • GameStop


    What they needed:
    Signage changes at all store locations across the country.

    How we did it:
    We performed the changeover on 750 locations in one year.

  • Express


    What they needed:
    An extremely quick changeover of 400 stores.

    How we did it:
    We finished in under six months.

  • Accor


    What they needed:
    A simple, streamlined way to manage permitting for more than 325 Red Roof Inn installations.

    How we did it:
    We handled all the permitting for them and eliminated the hassle.

  • Hooters


    What they needed:
    Changeover signage at locations in North Carolina.

    How we did it:
    We were able to obtain permits, but were forced to leave the existing structure. So we retrofitted the existing fixture to accommodate everyone.

  • AMC Theatres, Chicago

    AMC Theatres, Chicago

    What they needed:
    To update and upgrade the existing marquee.

    How we did it:
    We incorporated LEDs to reduce maintenance and custom painted the site for the greatest impact.

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