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Category: Industry Innovation

How Businesses Can Do More With Less in 2023

Looking back, the past few years have been at best stressful and at worst disheartening and overwhelming. We’re all running low on a lot of things: time, energy, motivation, efficiency…the list goes on. We’ve all had to learn how to…

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Millennial B2B Purchasing Power in 2022

The last time we talked about Millennial purchasing power was in 2019… pre-pandemic, pre-recession, pre-Russian invasion of Ukraine, and pre-administration change. To say the world has changed in dramatic ways may not be a dramatic enough statement to encompass all…

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Automation & Augmentation: Trends for 2022

For the last several years, workers around the country and around the globe have been uniting behind the same rallying cry: “the robots are taking our jobs!” Others argue that implementing new and more “intelligent” technology into the workplace will…

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Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices for 2022

Time and time again, research has shown that diverse and inclusive (D&I) workplaces perform more effectively than those that do not prioritize these principles. Employees feel more represented and valuable in these environments, which leads to better performance. Understanding and…

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Top 5 Facility Management Software Solutions

In today’s world, having quick access to information is more important than ever! That’s especially true for businesses which are reliant on high-functioning assets and facilities. The pace of the business world grows ever faster, so companies must do all…

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Top 10 HVAC Companies

No matter the season, it’s important to have a reliable HVAC contractor on your side to protect the safety of your facility. Air quality is particularly important, especially in a commercial facility. A quality HVAC system can ensure the safety…

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