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Category Archives: Site Enhancement

Capture Sign ROI

Sign ROI (return on investment) is an often overlooked way to improve modern retailing.  As online channels continue to grow, ensuring the best return on bricks and mortar requires investments that give you a good payoff.  Sign programs designed to attain maximum exposure are documented winners.  Improving signage at a location can increase sales from a few percent to 25% (or even more). Proof […]

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Sign Placement

Sign placement plays an important role in helping a business attract customers and increase revenue. This idea has been widely accepted by the business community as a fact, yet often is not adequately addressed.  Managers understand the key role sign placement plays in the continuing business growth. What many companies, large and small, do not realize is […]

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Gaining Attention: Size of Signage

The first factor to consider when gaining the attention of a potential customer through signage is the physical size of the sign. Buyers must be conscious to purchase a sign that is maximally productive without being larger than necessary.  Larger signs may or may not be more or less attractive. North American Signs has emphasized […]

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