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Category: How to Buy Signage

How Illuminated Signage Impacts Your Brand

Illuminated signage impacts a business in many ways and restrictions on illuminated signage can directly affect your brand’s marketing efforts and bottom line. Unfortunately, municipalities tend to increase restrictions on it over time. So sometimes non-illuminated signage is the most…

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4 Steps to Buy a Sign for Your Business

When you’re opening a new business, or even just opening a new location for an existing business, there’s a lot you have to get done. You might have to renovate the space, hire new employees, acquire any licensing or applicable…

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The 2 Most Effective Signs for Your Business

If you’ve read our blog before, you know how important signage is to your businesses success. From driving foot traffic, to helping customers locate your facility, to even indicating whether you’re open for business, signage is your best salesperson. But…

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Beyond the Sign: A Sense of Urgency

National sign companies need to understand the urgency of their clients

Many times it is what a national sign company can do beyond the sign that earns loyal customers – like a sense of urgency.  This story of fulfilling a small but important request illustrates our commitment to legendary customer service….

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How to Buy a Commercial Sign Infographic

This infographic provides an overview of commercial sign purchasing issues with connections to related materials.  It is based on information from How to Buy an Electric Sign by Noel Yarger and the associated blog posts at North American Signs.  We…

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Three Most Reported Signage Failures

The three most reported signage failures can reduce the effectiveness of your signage.  Avoiding these issues increases your marketing success. What are your guesses? Hard to read? Too dim? Actually, research on consumer perceptions identified the most reported reasons that signs fail to function…

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Choosing a Sign

Starting a new commercial business or opening a new location choosing a sign, regardless of location or target market, is never an easy process. There are many different decisions that have to be made to help guarantee success for the future….

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Sign Placement

Sign placement plays an important role in helping a business attract customers and increase revenue. This idea has been widely accepted by the business community as a fact, yet often is not adequately addressed.  Managers understand the key role sign placement plays…

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Small Business Signage

Small business signage has always been imperative in the promotion and increase in revenue. What many do not realize is the economics behind the use of these signs that are created for smaller, often local, businesses. New companies often face marketing challenges…

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