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The 2 Most Effective Signs for Your Business

If you’ve read our blog before, you know how important signage is to your businesses success. From driving foot traffic, to helping customers locate your facility, to even indicating whether you’re open for business, signage is your best salesperson. But the research shows that some signs work better than others, at least when it comes to catching the eye. So today we’re going to talk about the 2 most effective signs for your business: signature building signage and a sign-centric site design.

Signature Building

The signature building business sign was initially mastered by gasoline services and fast food restaurants, but it originated from Las Vegas and the outdoor advertising industry. As we all well know, no place in the United States does signage quite like Las Vegas.

Signature signage uses thin skin signage to wrap some portion of the building. For example, the awning over the pumps at most gas stations is a recognizable color or pattern, allowing customers to spot it from afar without even seeing the sign.

This type of signage is eye-catching, often instantly recognizable, and usually large as it wraps part of the building. It draws the attention of impulsive buyers and, whether parents like it or not, often attracts the attention of children. So the sign itself is usually recognizable, but so is the building exterior and it’s colors.

signature building sign
The sign incorporates almost seamlessly into the building facade.

Sign-Centric Design

Sign-centric designs are similar to signature signs in that they both try to attract the customers attention, but in these designs the sign itself is the centerpiece. This could use any sort of sign type, but the sign itself is what draws the eye while the rest of the building a facility is oriented around it.

Think of your local mall. Each storefront has a sign that communicates something to customers walking by, and the rest of the storefront and window display are oriented according to the branding defined by the signage.

The Dynamic Duo

What’s better than one or the other? Both! Think of a McDonald’s location. The first things you notice, especially from far away, are the golden arches. Then, as you approach the facility, the red and yellow accents on the building reinforce the branding of the location.

When coordinating these two types of signage with national multimedia advertising, research showed a gross income increase by 15% to 40%. And the data about how quality signage can impact your sales speaks for itself:

  • A well-designed sign increases foot traffic. One study from the Sign Research Foundation found that 20% of consumers have entered a store based on the quality of its signage.
  • Repairing signage can also increase sales. Another study from the Sign Research Foundation revealed a 10% increase in sales for 60% of the businesses that repaired their signage.
  • Great signage means your business will increase in value over time at a much faster rate than your counterparts.

Together, these two sign types have the most dramatic impact on sales. The key to success for both of these signs is that they are carefully integrated into the overall design of the facility. From fast food chains to gas station to the bright lights of Vegas, these two sign types have proven their effectiveness time and time again.

Sign types explanation retrieved from On-Premise Signs as Storefront Marketing Devices and Systems.


  • Posted January 7, 2023 at 7:01 pm | Permalink

    Proper signage is an effective way for small businesses to establish and strengthen their brand. Even if a business is just starting out, it can still make an impact by partnering with a reputable sign company that can enhance its visibility. Don’t let the size of your business hold you back – with the right marketing strategies in place, you can stand out among your competition and attract new customers.

  • Posted March 17, 2017 at 4:26 pm | Permalink

    That’s interesting how different things like signature buildings and sign-centric designs can help a business be more memorable. I’m a visual-oriented person, so what I see determines a lot about how I feel. A business with a good sign that is well designed is much more likely to gain my trust.

  • Posted October 11, 2016 at 2:46 pm | Permalink

    I think even small businesses can benefit from building their brand with proper signage. Most businesses have to start small, but that doesn’t mean they can’t stand out. Work with a good sign company that can increase your visibility.

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