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The Two Most Effective Business Signs

The two most effective business signs are carefully tied into the overall business and look of a site as Signature Building signage and Sign Centric integrated site design. There are many forms of signage, but these two have proven to work the best over time. This article will detail the two types of signage.

Signature Building

signature building sign
The sign incorporates almost seamlessly into the building facade.

The signature building business sign was initially mastered by the gasoline services and fast food restaurants. This type of signage originated from Las Vegas and the outdoor advertising industry. Las Vegas uses thin skin signage to cover an entire building and became popular in the fast food industry. Almost all fast food chains use the thin skin signage to cover an area around the building. Some McDonald’s restaurants use red, some yellow, and others both. It is a great way to grab the attention of the impulsive buyers and families with children. The company uses signature building signage to get customers to instantly recognize them.

Sign Centric Design

Sign centric business signs are similar to signature building signs in that they both try to get their customer’s instant recognition. This particular type of signage creates a visual impression for the entire site, not just the building. It creates a stronger more often recalled message to the consumers. Sign centric signs come in forms of cabinet signs, building mounted signs, ground mounted signs, and other types of signage that represents the entire business site as a whole. Many times the sign centric design is the first thing consumers notice on a business. That is why it is important for businesses to have some sort of cabinet sign.


These two forms of signage when coordinated with national multi media advertising, increase gross income by 15% to 40%. They both benefit the consumers in making the market more competitive.  The company is able to reduce prices because of the signage gross income advantage over their competitors. Fast food chains tend to utilize both types of signage to get full recognition by the customers. It is part of the reason why some fast food is less expensive than others. The better the signage is, the more customers they get, the less expensive the food will be.

Effective Business Signs Summary

The two most effective business signs are Signature Building and Sign Centric Signs. Individually they impact the business in different ways as explained in this article, but together these two types of signs can dramatically improve the business. Together the the signs have proved to increase gross income from 15% to 40%. Every retail business should consider having either one or both types of signage to improve sales and profitability.

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