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Category Archives: Codes and Variances

Reed Explained

What is the Reed case anyway? Reed refers to a Supreme Court case decided in June of 2015, Reed vs. Town of Gilbert.  Briefly, a church group without a permanent worship facility posted temporary signs announcing the place of Sunday services each week.  The city restricted such signs to 12 hours before the event.  The church was […]

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Signage: Rights and Regulations

Federal laws, the Constitution of the United States, and Supreme Court rulings provide protections for on-premise signs. However, municipalities and states have the opportunity to regulate signage by passing legislation and codes that enhance their respective communities. Local governments often attempt to regulate signage in order to create a safer and more pleasing community. Sometimes […]

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Signs of Signage Deficiency

A recent article spurred me to reconsider signage deficiency.  A NYC group is attempting to post signage to help subway passengers chose the best boarding locations to make transfers.  What better description of wayfinding is there?  The Subway Authority is stating they will remove the signage over concerns of overcrowding. Sign-toting rebels look to share the […]

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Sign Code Variances and Successful Signage

Whether you need a pylon sign, larger channel letters, or a sign on an additional elevation, the attempt to obtain a permit for the signs that maximize your brand is often a challenge.  Many times the visual exposure a site needs to be successful seems out of reach.  Municipalities may seek to limit the impact […]

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