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Author Archives: John Yarger

Beyond the Sign: A Sense of Urgency

Many times it is what a national sign company can do beyond the sign that earns loyal customers – like a sense of urgency.  This story of fulfilling a small but important request illustrates our commitment to legendary customer service. Recognizing the Urgency Recently, Scott, a project manager received a client request to get a […]

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Sign Maintenance: 5 Reasons, 5 Actions

Sign maintenance and repair are key to keeping your best image in front of your customers. So you invested in a sign and it is working for you. Have you looked at it with new eyes recently? Why?  Research shows that shoppers value the information on signs. 5 Reasons:* Risk of Missed Business:  54% say they have […]

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Sign Research Foundation Updates

Announcements from the Sign Research Foundation that deserve your attention: NSREC 2017 The National Sign Research and Education Conference 2017 will be held in Las Vegas on April 19th. Session topics include the role of signs in cities, the future of cities and updates on current research. This is your chance to get the latest insights […]

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The Commercial Sign and Pre-Attentive Processing

What do we mean by the pre-attentive processing of a commercial sign?  The idea of a “commercial sign” you probably get.  A sign that identifies a company or goods and services. Pre-attentive processing refers to the workings of the senses and mind prior to a realization of what we are experiencing. The combination holds significance for our […]

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Secondary Commercial Signs

Secondary commercial signs are more important to the overall success of a site than most people realize. These signs support your primary sign. They often add information or catch the eye.  Examples of secondary signs include window graphics, entrance and exit signs, and sidewalk signs. These signs can significantly improve your site recognition and therefore […]

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