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Category: Sign ROI

Using Your Target Audience to Design Your Sign

One of the most important parts of distilling a brand–whether it’s a personal brand, a professional brand, or something in between–is defining the target audience. Finding your target audience helps you know where and how to focus your sales and…

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The 2 Most Effective Signs for Your Business

If you’ve read our blog before, you know how important signage is to your businesses success. From driving foot traffic, to helping customers locate your facility, to even indicating whether you’re open for business, signage is your best salesperson. But…

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5 Ways to Maintain Your Sign

  If you’ve ever visited Las Vegas, then you’ve probably been to one of the city’s most famous attractions: the Strip. There are shows, casinos, shopping venues, and drinking establishments galore. But what exactly makes the view of the Las…

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How Illuminated Signage Impacts Your Brand

Illuminated signage impacts a business in many ways and restrictions on illuminated signage can directly affect your brand’s marketing efforts and bottom line. Unfortunately, municipalities tend to increase restrictions on it over time. So sometimes non-illuminated signage is the most…

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4 Steps to Buy a Sign for Your Business

When you’re opening a new business, or even just opening a new location for an existing business, there’s a lot you have to get done. You might have to renovate the space, hire new employees, acquire any licensing or applicable…

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Economic Value of Commercial Signage

What’s the most common mistake we see when companies attempt to build brand awareness, you ask? It’s under-investing in signage. Spending a little money up front can lead to big returns later. Unfortunately, most people have no clue about the…

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