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Small Business Signage

Small business signage has always been imperative in the promotion and increase in revenue. What many do not realize is the economics behind the use of these signs that are created for smaller, often local, businesses. New companies often face marketing challenges because their name is unrecognizable to the average consumer and their products may be rather specific to a certain market. Their new, blooming business may miss out on potential customers and revenue as a result of this. Signs, especially good, unique signs, can change this. They can help a new business become recognizable and help spread the message of what the business wants to sell to its consumers. The increase in revenue for small businesses with well-placed, well-designed signs is incredibly significant.

Theatre Marquees are small business signage
Theatres use the size, design and lighting of their small business signage to create excitement and anticipation as well as conveying information.

The Evidence from Studies for Small Business Signage

A study conducted by the University of Cincinnati (UC) investigated the effects of sign improvements and changes made by businesses, and how those changes either positively or negatively affected revenue. Almost all results found by UC were positive in terms of increased profits. It was found that almost 60% of businesses had an average of a 10% increase as a result of refreshing and improving their signs. This study reinforces the fact that better signs equal better business because of their ability to attract more potential customers.

Auto dealers sign
Auto dealers understand the value of small business signage in their highly competitive environment.

In a few specific cases of small business signage that the study addressed, revenue was drastically increased as a result of better signage. One of the businesses studied was Bob Rocker’s Running Spot, located in the Midwest United States. The business went from being stationed in one location to eventually being in four over a period of thirty years. One of the main factors that allowed the business to grow so substantially was the signage used for each different location. In each new location different signage was used to fit the customer base. This clever use of signs allowed the business to attract customers within each specific market and allowed for growth, as is seen by the expansion and addition of new locations. This particular example shows that even a smaller business that has a very specific type of marketplace can grow as a result of proper signage.

In order for a small business to thrive, like Bob Rocker’s Running Spot did, it must displayed its message through its signs in a similar, consistent fashion that allows for a clear interpretation of what is trying to be communicated to the customer. There are three major elements that go into a successful sign. These are:

  • Definition of Image
  • Creation of a Logo
  • Keeping the Message Consistent

Through the use of this and proper sign placement it has been proven that small businesses can be significantly more successful.

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