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Maximizing Signage Value

Frequently, sign buyers or specifiers invest a major portion of their time searching for the best price, trying to save another 2% or 5% on the cost of their signs without maximizing signage value. Many organizations would better meet their corporate goals of volume and profit increases by focusing more of their available time and energy investigating effective ways to increase store traffic with their signs.

Star logoSign buyers and specifiers have a genuine interest in their job and are committed to making positive contributions to their company. Everyone want to succeed and drive value for their company. North American Signs has a deep commitment to help these professionals in their search for more effective traffic building programs and maximizing signage value.

We know that while signs are a fixed, valuable real estate asset, they should be treated more as a part of a company’s advertising budget. A powerful sign program should be evaluated regularly and reviewed for possible improvements perhaps every year or two. You do not need to consider a complete redesign that often, but you may want to review how effective your current signage is in helping you achieve your goals. For instance, are entry and exit signs being used properly? Would the addition of electronic message boards or monument signs help drive more traffic to your location? These and many other sign related issues should be evaluated to ensure a powerful sign program and maximizing signage value.

Glass sign imageWe try to instill the philosophy that a sign is a vital communication device that spans perhaps the broadest range of locational and advertising aids to retail/commercial or industrial interests. We try to keep our customers and sign buyers in general supplied with materials so they can act upon this philosophy and maintain a more effective signage program.

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