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Accuracy in Sign Design Creates Trust

One of the first and most important steps in manufacturing a commercial sign is the blueprint or design. It is a way for the design team to connect with customers on a level everyone understands. It is our job, as a signage company; to ensure that the sign design process does not differ from our customer’s vision in order to maintain a high level of trust.

Sign Design
Sign after Installation










A vital aspect of ensuring the blueprints or drawings are accurate is having a talented design team. This includes creating a detailed visual perception of the sign from various distances from where the sign will be installed. In the signage industry, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. The ability to create a mock photograph of what the sign will look like when installed provides customers with confidence and trust in their signage company.

Connection between Design and Price       

Accurate drawings also help the sales team generate prices for customers. According to Von Ahn Design, “An accurate and detailed set of drawings…will allow you to gather accurate pricing information before construction, allowing you to make necessary changes to maintain your anticipated budget.” Quoting an accurate price is helpful to customers and the design team. The team will be able to accurately communicate what the sign should look like to the production department. This reduces the chances of mistakes occurring. A signage company’s ultimate goal is to satisfy its customers. Quoting an accurate price is a major factor in achieving satisfaction.


Inaccuracy Leads to Misunderstandings

Inaccuracy in the sign design stage can damage the relationship between signage companies and its customers. Specifically, “Inaccurate drawings and ambiguous specifications often lead to misunderstandings…often resulting in increases to the project cost and unsatisfactory results.” A proper design shows the customers what the sign will look like in the particular environment. If a company does not produce what they had promised in the blueprints, misunderstandings are likely to occur.

As a signage company who has seen it all when it comes to sign design, we advise all businesses to be selective when focusing on signage. Invest in a trustworthy signage company that is committed to customer satisfaction. In doing this, everything should be taken care of with ease. Most importantly, a great design team will work within the signage company to help ensure the final product matches the original design.


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