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Three Types of Managers

When talking with one of our new managers, Derek, he indicated that he noticed three different types of managers at North American Signs. He provided details and insight on why each manager is vital to the company’s success.

Detail Manager

Managers having fun on Extraterrestrial Culture Day.

Derek started off describing what he calls the detail manager. As stated in the job title, their job is to pay attention to the small details that can easily be forgotten. He explained how important their role, ensuring neither the design team nor clients skip any steps. Derek described the role, “Much like the tortoise in the old fable, this manager is detail oriented.”

Fast Manager

In contrast to the detail manager is the fast manager. This is the type of manager Derek would describe himself as. He and other fast managers want to get the job done as quickly as possible. If clients need something done in a short time frame, he will ensure it is completed on time. He explained how important he and other fast managers are during those times because they keep everyone working fast and efficiently. Derek describes his thought process as, “I have to go, go, go and clean it up and figure it out later mindset.”

Wise Manager

The last type of manager is a wise manager. Derek described this position as a “Wise elder, guiding you, letting you make your own decisions and mistakes, but not letting you fall.” He said this person serves as the middle ground between the fast and detail manager. Always open to questions and concerns the clients and employees may have, this person is a great listener. Derek said they always have the bigger picture in mind and rarely get ahead of themselves.

Three Types of Managers: All Are Important

It is evident that the different types of managers all serve a vital role in getting each job done well. The different types of managers weigh each other out with their strengths and weaknesses. Derek wrapped up our conversation stating how much more efficient the work environment has become having each manager play role and some flexibility as circumstances demand.  It is possible to take on different roles when you understand the value of each type of manager.

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