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Pylon Signs – Way Finding to Profits

pylon signs

Can you recall a situation in which you were unable to locate a desired business’s location? Wouldn’t placing a sign near their building solve the problem? We’d like to share with you what may be a familiar traveling experience. One of our in-house blog consultants was driving along a highway when his attention was captured by a popular sandwich company’s pylon sign. He proceeded to exit the interstate and drive around the block several times before finally locating his desired destination. The ill-placed sign completed its first job, but miserably failed its second.  A pylon sign is most effective when it serves the aforementioned purposes; promoting brand identity and reinforcement in addition to providing directional assistance.

Proper design and placement of pylon signs can ensure maximum visibility, which is important to your customer. In a survey of public opinion conducted by The Signage Foundation, more than 90% of respondents believe signs should be large enough for passing motorists to read and more than 80% are frustrated or annoyed when a sign is too small to read.

The University of Cincinnati  documented that pylon signs assist in bringing more customers to a business. In a metropolitan area banking center case study, locations with a pylon sign witnessed a significant increase in transactions. Moreover, a study led by the California Sign Association focusing on 162 fast food locations in Southern California saw many sites benefit from the presence of a pylon sign. The same study, turning its focus to Pier 1 Imports locations, demonstrated that the addition of a pylon sign could increase store revenue. All three case studies exhibited a 15% growth in transactions or sales due to the existence of a pylon sign.

Signs that are easy to see, read, and accurately direct customers to the front door can drastically improve business. Here at North American Signs, we provide a variety of high-quality products because we believe companies with a consistent, visible brand increase their potential to outperform the competition.

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