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Gaining Attention: Size of Signage

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Often, your sign is the first encounter for many customers with your business. If this is the case, shouldn’t it stand out? The size of your signage plays a critical role in gaining the attention of potential customers.

First Things First: Size

The first factor to consider when gaining the attention of a potential customer through signage is the physical size of the sign. Buyers must be conscious to purchase a sign that is maximally productive without being larger than necessary.  Larger signs may or may not be more or less attractive.

North American Signs has emphasized finding the right fit for each client. The key is to match the design of the sign to the situation so that the signage can perform its function as intended. Our company is committed to utilizing the client’s budget as efficiently as possible and designing signs based on their needs.  We are dedicated to maximizing Space Position Value (the size and positioning of the sign under which conditions it will be read).

Custom is the New Standard

Most chains, for reasons of economy, develop a list of standard sized signs. However, the sign code or situation may call for a sign that varies from that list. Thus, it may be to the company’s advantage to build a special sign to fit the site.  The increase in income over five or ten years may far outweigh the small additional investment.

Let’s Do the Math

One important component for sign buyers when determining the size of the sign is to know how far away a sign can be easily seen by potential customers. Below is an example of this consideration.

Viewers can read a one-inch high letter from a distance of 44 feet. They can read a 12-inch high letter from 12 times 44 feet, or 528 feet, and a 30-inch high letter from 1,320 feet. A car traveling 55 miles per hour covers 81 feet per second. Due to the acute angle of vision when a driver is even with a sign, the driver will not be able to read the sign for about the last 100 feet. That leaves 1,220 feet in which the sign is legible. If we divide 1,220 feet by 81 feet per second, we discover that our 30-inch letters can be read for 15 seconds. Combining these calculations with information from the fields of traffic safety engineering and human engineering give the sign buyer a precise estimate of the time a driver needs to respond to his/her sign.

Your sign is a critical aspect of branding. The size of your signage, down to the inch, can dramatically impact its visibility and readability. A well-sized sign can ensure that your business not only gains the attention of customers, but makes a lasting impression.

Look for our other blogs on gaining attention through signage, addressing the color, shape, and design of your signage.

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