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Gaining Attention: Shape & Design

The shape and design of any sign helps determine its effectiveness. Since most signs are rectangular, attention can often be gained by the use of differently shaped signs. In some cases, three dimensional sculptures shapes can be used to attract attention.

Besides creating a thoughtful graphic message, the entire sign construction creates a format for the business’ communication in the environment. Carefully analyzing the format in which the message is placed can create additional interest and improve both noticeability (conspicuity) and memory of the message (recall or retention). When creatively constructed, the format can become a favorable message in and of itself.  Attention to properly formatting the sign can enhance the streetscape.  It can also highlight the location.  Photographs with iconic signs are both classic and, with modern social media, even more widely distributed. Although a uniform building design helps build a consistent visual image, this is often not possible. A strong and unique sign design can very effectively create the unifying identifiable corporate image.


As a brand-aware company, North American Signs can create the high-quality, custom-designed sign that enhances the corporate image while also gaining more attention. At North American Signs, we realize the importance of three seconds. That could be all the time a customer has to look at your sign. That is all the time they have to decide what’s unique about your brand. Our design team at North American Signs combines creative vision with architectural expertise to produce inspiring signs that capture the essence of your brand. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that every curve and detail on the sign fits your brand.

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